Thursday, September 25, 2008

That's Two!

This morning at 10 the phone rang. It was Will's teacher. Never a good sign.

He was in the office with a bag of ice on his eye because he'd been hit(accidentally) with a block by another child. His teacher said, "The wound is bleeding and you should come see." So, I dragged sleeping Katherine out of her nice warm bed and headed to school, where I left her in the van (with the windows down!). Will was in with the Principal playing with her magnetic toys. We looked at his wound which was close to the right eye, and thought it didn't look so bad. We went to the doctor just to be sure the eye was okay. Because the cut was so close to the eye the doctor didn't want to use glue, and she thought stitches might just traumatize him. So, she taped it together with steri-strips and told us to leave them on. No glue. No stitches. Got a sticker though.

This is the story that the boy wrote while we waited for our pizza:

Once upon a time there was a little boy who had to go to the doctor and he got a package of band-aids right on his eye. He was playing with blocks at school and he got hit by a block. It was bleeding and he had to get some ice from the principal at the nurse’s office. He got to play with some sticking guys until his mom came. He had to go home because his eye hurt. But then he decided to go to the doctor because his eye was still hurting. So, he got to see Dr. Perriello, but not the real Dr. Perriello. It was his daughter, Dr. Perriello. She looked at his eye and washed his eye and then put some band-aids on his eye. And that’s the end.
The End.

Written by Will


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