Saturday, September 20, 2008

Royal Sharks - Game #1

Will and his fellow Royal Sharks had their first soccer game today! There are several friends from his class on the team, including David, Troy, and Ian. There's also the Carter from preschool, not to be confused with the other, from-church-very-special-friend, Carter.

There was a lot of running up and down the field, sometime with a ball involved! Each week the players will have a 20-minute demonstration period, followed by 20 minutes of practice, and then a 20 minute game!
Today's skill was dribbling - they dribbled with their feet, their hands, and their heads. Will especially liked kicking the ball backwards.

Molly and Caroline - today's pick ladies - helped the game out by throwing balls in every time a ball went out of bounds. They had a great time being helpers!

Since Morgan was away (and David, too) we decided that there should be lots of pictures and a post-game interview with the family's favorite Royal Shark!


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