Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ball Girl

Caroline has been looking forward to this day for weeks. She signed on to play in the halftime game at today's UVA/WFU game, but that's not what had her so excited.

Because of the rain, fifteen of the girls didn't show up for the halftime game. Instead the girls who did brave the wet were asked to be ball girls for the game, and got to play on the field during the haltime break. What fun! Caroline had a blast being down there with the players! She didn't even mind being soaked!

It was pretty clear that the ball girls had more fun than the UVA players who lost to WFU.

Caroline got a pizza and a t-shirt for her efforts today, and on top of that (and the reason she'd been looking forward to the game), she won the drawing for the iPod! She's been talking (can you say fixated?!) for weeks about entering all of our tickets into the drawing and that she was going to win that iPod. Well, she did.

Did you know that her birthday is Wednesday? We now have to find something else for her to unwrap!


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