Saturday, November 22, 2008

Project 365: Day 327 - November 22

We had a busy day today. First we had to get everyone up and out very early. We actually left a sick dad in bed, but the rest of us got moving! The two bigger girls went to the Red Cross for an all-day babysitting class.

Will, Katherine and I dropped them off and had lots of time to spare before the Jefferson Thanksgiving Parade on the Downtown Mall. We found the topmost parking space in the whole parking garage! And then we had fun looking down!

We wandered and watched the vendors as they set up their booths. Somehow we found ourselves at the ice park watching the big guys play ice hockey. Will loved it, I loved the warmth, and Katherine wanted to leave!

Just before the start of the parade we found lots of our friends from church and we settled in for the parade. But first a picture was required.

Then we hit Chaps for hot chocolate because it was colder than it would have been had I stayed in bed!

Here we are waiting and watching.

Then the parade came and took a detour so we had to get up from our comfy, cozy spot and travel a bit to see the speakers and listen to their speeches.

After the parade we gathered a few Christmas presents, ate lunch at my all-time favorite cheese steak sub place, and took in the rest of the mall.

I'm not really sure what we did for the next 3 hours but we filled them and then picked up our new card carrying babysitters!


Blogger Tara said...

If that's the city Christmas tree, than it came from the front yard of our last house! Pretty cool, eh? I took some lousy pictures on my cell phone of them carting it away.

9:50 PM  

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