Saturday, January 31, 2009

Art For Everyone!

Katherine is taking a Saturday class called Art for Everyone! The intent of the instructor is to show the kids that they don't have to be good at drawing to be an artist.

This assignment involves assemblage. The kids were asked to bring a shoebox and some random things from home. When they got to class they learned about several artists who used this form of art and then they began their own assemblage. Morgan, Caroline and I* got to visit for the last half hour of class today. We enjoyed the peek!

Here are two of the completed projects! Katherine was pleased to find that she knew 3 other girls in her class, one from school, one from camp and one from church. This friend is also on her DI team.

*What?! Where were Will and David?? Will was at his own class which we'll get visit in a few weeks. David is toughing it out in New Mexico...for work, he says. We'll see what kind of tan line he has when he gets back!


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