Friday, January 09, 2009

Demolition Boy

So what do you do with your gingerbread houses?

This is the house that Will and all of his sisters made together - each took a side and they shared the roof. When we decided that the time had come to take down the house, we just couldn't throw it into the trash. Oh, no!

So Will lugged the thing out the front door, around the side of the house, down into the yard, back beyond the treehouse and placed it gently at the base of a big tree. We removed all the candy that would end up creating a sticky mess and were ready to leave the house to the beasts.

My thought was that it would be a nice treat for the birds and animals. His thought was the same. Our thoughts differed in just how we would leave it behind. This is how I left them, the boy and his house.

When he returned to the warmth of our house, he let me know that he had smashed the gingerbread house all up with his boots so that it would be easier for the "aminals" to eat it. Nice.


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