Saturday, February 14, 2009

Festival 2009

Our second stop of the morning (the first being tending to Doc) was the annual CMTA Festival at First Presbyterian Church. With a 10:00 start time I was already worried that we were going to cut it close for getting to the Saturday classes on time. We got to the Festival site at 9:30 and waited. We waited and waited and waited. The 9:00 group in Caroline's room ran over by almost 20 minutes - I was so sure that we'd be late that I told the judge we'd probably leave right after Caroline played her pieces. I wasn't stressed about it, I just didn't want the other kids to be late for their classes. As it turned out, our judges worked much more quickly than the 9:00 judges because they had us out of there on time despite the 20 minute delay! We made it to stop #3 with time to spare!

Oh, and Caroline played beautifully!


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