Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Quilting Weekend

Once again I left my family behind and headed up to Pennsylvania to spend the weekend with my mother and 32 other quilters. We worked from about 2pm Friday afternoon until 2pm on Sunday. You'll never begin to imagine the amount of work that was accomplished!

Here's my mom's first project: It's a nine patch (there are many more of these blocks!) that is then cut into 4 pieces and sewn back together before having borders added. She didn't finish this one since there was no design board available. She really needed to lay it out and plan it, so she moved on to her next project!

Here's Ann's project, called Circling Geese. There are twenty-five of these blocks! She's using 30's fabric for this project.
Mom's second project (I've forgotten the name) is a re-do. She did this one before and left out a step which resulted in her quilt being quite a bit smaller than intended. This time she's made sure to remember that step!

I finished two quilt tops. This one is way too busy and I'm thinking of taking it apart to change the sashing (that blue floral fabric between the larger blocks), but Caroline says she likes it the way it is. We'll see. I think the busy sashing detracts from the blocks and from the beautiful border.

The other is this sudoku wall hanging. I'm not really sure what to do with it...other than hang it on a wall!

That's my mom and Linda, the woman who organizes these quilt retreats. She's great asset, and helped me struggle through some incorrect instructions on the third project I started this weekend. It's not even close to near being done!


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