Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Boy Turns Six!

On the date of his birth but before he turned six, the boy went to the doctor, the new real Dr. P. Pronounced healthy enough for someone who eats nothing but grains and dairy, we headed to Bodo's, where he could get that grain and dairy.

We came home to a package on the front step - and inside was this very cool and incredibly accurate shirt.

At the stroke of 3, the boy turned six and his swim lesson began!

Dinner of the birthday boy's choice was pancakes and pears, but we didn't have pears because he said he wouldn't eat them. After all, pears are not in the dairy or grain families.

After eating, there were a few presents! He was so excited to get a bike that he rode it through the kitchen and right down the hall!

Then there was cake!

Happy birthday, Will!


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