Thursday, June 04, 2009

Celebrating Summer Birthdays!

Kids with summer birthdays don't get to bring in cupcakes and hand them out in the cafeteria after lunch. Kids with summer birthdays do get a party at the end of the school year, complete with ice cream sundaes! These three boys and their TA have birthdays between now and when school starts up again.
Will made a good looking sundae!
Morgan helped all the kids with their whipped cream! She was helping at school today in the classroom across the hall, but had to come help with the party!
Oops! Something happened to Will's firsts, so he had to come and get seconds!
Here's the class - half and the teacher will move to second grade in the fall. The rest will be first graders and will stay behind to welcome the new kindergartners!

One other thing happens when a birthday is celebrated at school! Sometimes it's a pig and sometimes it's a chicken. Whatever it is, there are always grins and giggles!


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