Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tiger Cub

Last night David took Will to a local lake to attend the Cub Scout Growl! It was an event for new scouts and those interested in scouting. Will was hooked! He got to "shoot a real bow & arrow and a real BB gun!" He fished and did some other very boy things. They even had a closing circle, got a patch, and sang Bill Grogan's Goat! I love that song and have wonderful memories of my little brother belting it out on the way to the beach!

Anyway, he was hooked and thus he was signed up and official! He came home an official Tiger Cub Scout!!!!

Tonight it got even better - Jacob gave him his old neckerchief, cap and cub scout handbook! This boy is flying high. He is also not interested in taking off his gear! Too funny!


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