Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kairos Class Camping Trip 2009

Our Bible Study class (most of us anyway!) went camping at Pocahontas State Park. There were a lot of us! We got there in the rain and pitched our tents in the rain and ate in the rain and went to bed in the rain! It was a fun time. In the morning the sky looked like it might bring still more rain. But the clouds cleared and the day was beautiful!

Most of the parents and kids biked or hiked down to the pool. Those left behind waited on some latecomers and then brought lunch down to the swimmers. The pool was amazing! There was time for long bike rides, longer runs & even canoeing on the reservoir!

The weekend was full of light sabers, rubber snakes, bike rides, and glow sticks! The kids all got along really well and everyone is looking forward to another trip!


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