Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ms. Judy's Christmas Shop

Each year, Judy heads up the Annual Christmas Shop for the kids at church. She collects donated items, and sometimes goes out and buys new items. All of these she sells for 50 cents each. This year the shop raised almost $170 for foreign missions.

We've almost run out of room for all the goodies! The kids love to come shop and cross the names off their lists. In fact, when they move to the Youth Department, they have to wait to shop until after all the littler kids have gone through. We even have some adults who do their shopping at the shop!

This is Ike's first year shopping. He was very excited!

Bella, too!

In addition to shopping, there's cookie decorating. Make two - one to give away and one to eat. The cookies were taken to the Sawyer House, where people stay while loved ones are in the hospital.

There's a dress up nativity station - this year there were a bunch of ninjas visiting the baby Jesus!

There's also a craft table for making cards to go with the cookies! The kids also made ornaments!


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