Thursday, May 27, 2010

DI Globals - Day 2 - Instant Challenge

Today was Instant Challenge day for the Groovy Sprouts! ICs are hush, hush.

The kids each had to sign a Declaration of Independence, affirming that they hadn't gotten and wouldn't get any help on the IC, and that they wouldn't talk about the IC at all outside of the chill-out room until Globals was over.

These kids are amazing. None of them showed any sign of nervousness! I was totally anxious!
Time to sign in!

Last minute pep talk!
Time to do the Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance!

Finally, it was time for the Groovy Sprouts to enter the IC building!
Cheers from Jim!
In they go!
They went inside and completed their instant challenge. Then they spent some time in the chill-out room talking over the challenge. Afterwards the teams had to go to the mic and do a little cheer.

I'm not really sure what they did, but I know they were all glad to be done with this part of the competition!


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