Thursday, June 24, 2010


Our post-Cub Scout Camp trip to Arch's was abandoned due to power outages caused by a microburst. I left work in beautiful summer weather - no wind, no clouds, no nothing. David & Will left camp north of town in the same. Five minutes later, leaving downtown I was surrounded by twisting trees and rain so heavy & thick I couldn't see in front of me. I parked at Arch's and waited it out. David & Will showed up 25 minutes later. No power meant no yogurt, so we decided to go have dinner with David's parents since Will was going to spend the night. The trip should have taken 15 minutes. Trees were down everywhere & the major roads were blocked. I was able to call landlines but not David's cell. It was an hour and a half later that I pulled into their driveway. There was no hint of bad weather at their house!

More pictures and comments can be found here. The storm took less than 20 minutes and was pretty scary. The whole event brought home the idea that we really aren't prepared for any kind of emergency around here. 911 wasn't answering. People were without power for days. Cells wouldn't work. Roads were closed. Luckily 3 of our kids were out of town and weren't part of the equation. Good things - no one was injured badly; the cub scouts were all picked up before the storm hit - picture a hundred boys at a local park with no real shelter! Yikes!

Oh, and we had BBQ from North Carolina for dinner - definitely worth the drive!


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