Saturday, July 17, 2010

Emerald Isle -Day 1

Despite our best intentions to leave for the beach immediately following the 4-Miler Training, we didn't leave home until after 2 this afternoon. The silver lining is that we'll come home to an almost beautifully clean house!

The drive down was almost without incident. There were horrible thunderstorms as we headed toward Goldsboro, and I took the wrong exit after Goldsboro. We ended up stopping for a very late lunch and then backtracked to get back on track. Another wrong turn took us through the same back roads that last year's wrong turn introduced. Morgan drove the rest of the way and we got to the beach house by 8:30. A few minutes later David & Caroline arrived, and we had McCall's barbecue for dinner!

This year's house is a new one. We seem to have a knack for picking houses that the owners really love. The last two houses have been pulled off the rental market so that the owners can live in them year-round.

This house is further back but still has a great view. The rooms are large and beds are comfy. The garage has been transformed into a game room, complete with pool table, Foosball and darts. Morgan snagged this room as hers and has taken over one of the futons down there!

After making the beds and playing several rounds of pool, we're all heading to bed with thoughts of getting to the beach early!


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