Friday, July 02, 2010

SB2W Pick Up

When we arrive at camp pick up, the campers have usually packed up their stuff and are on their way to brunch. Everything is piled up outside each cabin in hopes that the parents will recognize their child's gear!
AJ found some local wildlife!

Caroline found Will and scooped him up!

Campers, wave to your parents!
Which team flag will fly? Galatians!

Time for cabin awards:

All camp awards: The entire camp gathered for prayer & additional awards. Morgan & Caroline received fish charms for finishing their 6th year at camp. Katherine & Mattie each received a cross pendant for finishing their 5th year at camp. Morgan & Mattie each earned a mini S. Katherine received the Honor Canoer award.

Close up!

The zip line! Caroline checked this off her list of "Gonna Do Once"! Katherine won't go near it, especially after Emily got stuck halfway across!

Will had to check out the inside of boys' side cabin #1:

Last stop on our way out of camp!


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