Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Emerald Isle - Day 4

The girls and I headed out early this morning for our run. I was hot early, making us think that tomorrow's run should start even earlier. Once home, it was time to make the bacon! Lots of bacon later we got ready for the day!

Today we finally made it to the beach at 11:30. Who knew breakfast could take so long? It was going to be a short beach day. We decided to go to Morehead City for dinner, but want to get there early enough to see the fishing charters come in with their catches.

After throwing some laundry in, I headed down the the beach. I found Caroline and Will in the water playing with their new friend, Corbin. Katherine decided she needed to be buried in the sand. David buried her and left her to rest for a bit. Since her face was covered with a hat, no one knew she was there!

Morgan packed for the beach and decided to leave her one-piece suits at home. Unfortunately, her two piece suits were too old to wear any longer. Fortunately, her Grandmama took her shopping for a new bikini!

After a short time on the beach, we came up to the house for a quick lunch and then headed to Morehead City! We got there in time to see the boats come in, but most of the boats had not gone out! The boys stayed on the dock to watch the birds and boats, and the girls checked out some shops!

We met up at The Sanitary Restaurant for a delicious supper of fried seafood. Well, some of us did anyway! The fried shrimp and scallops were awesome! Hushpuppies were plentiful. Sweet tea flowed!

After supper we wandered further to see some more boats.

We attempted to take some Christmas card pics.

Then we headed back to Salter Path for Dairy Queen! It was a red-letter day! Will finished his cone for the very first time!

Then home to bed - oh wait. How'd they get into MY bed?!??!


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