Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Battles Left Unfought

Being with the kids* today was a hoot. We ended up at the mall totally by mistake. Our plan had been to go to the library and then, after the obligatory trip to the bakery for a "boy cookie", head to the grocery store. It should have been a 2-hour tour. Instead, we arrived at the library just before noon and it just so happens that Tuesdays are open-at-noon days. Who knew? So, instead of waiting in the van in the 100 degree heat, we headed to the mall to check on a late wedding gift and ended up staying 3 hours.

During our time at the mall we had to go the playplace, which as usual was overrun by kids too large to be under 10 and obviously old enough to be able to read (and therefore ignore) the no running and jumping rules written clearly on the dog's parchment. Even Will calls it the "dog with the list".

Before the playplace though, we had a fun time at the shoe store. This came after the fun time we had going up and down all the ramps, watching videos at Gymboree, searching for & trying out all the backpacks in the area, and buying back-to-school clothes.

At the shoe store the girls were attracted to the brightly colored crocs. Because they were so excited about the pink and pastel shoes, Will too became excited about them. I tried to steer him toward the navy pair, and even the patriotic pair. In the end it was was no use. His mind was made up and he was going to have a rainbow pair, just like his sisters had chosen. Not only that, he was determined to wear them out of the store. He got to wear his, so naturally the girls exercised their right to wear theirs, too!

The girls think we should go back tomorrow and get another pair for Morgan.
*Only three at home this week. Morgan is out of town this week at Impact VA!, where youth groups from all over Virginia come together to work on homes needing new roofs, painting or repair.


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