Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Two things:

First, there's nothing worse than a sick child. It's not that they're ill-behaved, but that they don't feel well enough to be ill-behaved. Will has had a temperature of 102+ for 2 days now. He's pitiful, and oh so sweet. He'll ask to do something and I'll tell him he's too sick to do it. His response, "Ok, Mommy". Call me crazy, but I want him well enough to fuss about things.

Second, when the girls were younger I used to laugh about my technicolor laundry piles. I had pink loads and purple loads, but never any red loads. Now I have red loads and lime green loads. It's kind of sick to have enough clothes of these colors to make up separate loads. I suppose there will come a day when I have the normal light & dark loads. Boring.

That's all.


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