Wednesday, August 23, 2006

School is Good!

We all started back to school this week. The girls began their school year on Monday and Will joined his class this morning. I guess we were all ready to go back, although I do think that if there weren't so many back-to-school advertisements we might not have been quite so ready to leave summer behind. The constant reminders had to have at least a small part in our desire to see Monday come, don't you think?

Morgan is in the 8th grade now, and is turning 13 on Saturday! Wow, how did that happen? She's been counting down the days for the last 2's almost as though she thinks this is a significant birthday or
something! This time next year she'll have a year of "teens" under her belt and will be in high school. Hold onto your hats!

Caroline is in the 5th grade and has the same teacher that Morgan had 3 years ago. She's waiting patiently for Monday when her teacher, who is currently on maternity leave, will be back in the classroom. We're waiting patiently to see what fun and challenging things they've got planned for her this year.

Katherine is in the 3rd grade. This is so hard to believe! Gone are the jumpers and hairbows. Hello to a very independent girl! When I was Katherine's age I rode the public transit bus across Baltimore City to go to school. I cannot imagine even thinking about sending my girls anywhere alone on the public buses. My mom says that it was safe and that's just what people did. Life sure was different then.

Will started preschool today, with his "goggies" in tow. We're lucky to be able to send him to the preschool that is housed at the girls' elementary school. It couldn't be more convenient and we sure do love the teachers. When asked what he did today at preschool, Will's response was typical. "I played and I eat."
All is good in his world!


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