Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Away for the Weekend

David and I went away for the weekend. Ah, nice, a quiet weekend away from home, away from the kids, nothing to do but relax, you say?!

Not quite.

On Saturday, we traveled to the Outer Banks of North Carolina so we could participate in the inaugural Outer Banks Half Marathon on Sunday. I say "participate" because the only running had done in the 3 months prior to the race was at most a very slow 3 miles.

The weather Saturday was fantastic. Warm even. Had we been running on Saturday, we might have been too warm by the end of the race. On the way down we wondered if we should have brought hats and sunscreen and looked forward to Sunday being a bit cooler. We shouldn't have worried. Later the weather reports began calling for cold rains all day. Yikes! We weren't really prepared for really cold weather, and especially since I knew I'd be traveling at a pretty slow pace, I began to stress about what to wear! Didn't want to be hot, but didn't want to be cold either.

Good thing for me that David has lots of running tops. I ended up with four layers on top for the race and two on the bottom. I ran in capri tights which I was ready to discard at mile 5, but was so glad I had when the rains came pouring down at mile 9. By mile 12, the skies had opened up even more, at which point I told myself that I could do anything for another 1.1 miles! By the end of the race my clothes were dripping, my hair was dripping, and I really only wanted a hot shower, dry clothes and a cup of coffee.

After a few gatorades and bagel with peanut butter, we walked over to the point of the race where the marathoners would have only 1/2 lap to go, and watched for another 2 hours for our friends to finish the full marathon. Caroline's 4th grade teacher came in looking really strong in her first marathon finish. The other two people we were watching for came in a few minutes later, but after we'd decided to call it a day.

It was a great race, and a great time away. We hated leaving the kids but there was no way to take them along and still be able to concentrate on the race itself. Maybe we should consider adopting a university student to come with us for events like this.


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