Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Progressive Game Night

Progressive Game Night came into being as a result of our indecision and inability to compromise...

1st game: Turtle Picnic: This is a concentration type game and was Will's choice! You get to match the colorful snacks to the colors hidden on the turtles' backs.

Then came Twister! (Morgan's choice!)

"I'm going to dominate this game." declared Caroline!

Caroline & Morgan managed to stay neck & neck and, despite David's attempts to defeat them first on the mat and later at the spinner, never did fall! We had to declare the game a draw! Will had a great time staying underfoot! On to Katherine's choice: Arthur Goes to the Library - yet another concentration type game.

After Arthur, we played Apples to Apples, which was Caroline's choice. It's a thinking man's game:

We couldn't play our newest game, Ruckus, because we hadn't written the thank you note yet, and no one would even consider playing my favorite game, Boggle.
Next on my list is Waterworks which was one of my favorites as a child.


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