Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hurry, Hurry, Drive The Firetruck

Will received this firetruck puzzle as a Christmas present from the Nevada Martins. The best part is that he didn't open it until today! How cool is that!?!

First, Will had fun unwrapping his presents. He talked the whole time he unwrapped, about how heavy the package was, or how it had a boy on the front, or the pretty paper. Too funny! He got the firetruck puzzle and both a big & little doodle pro. What fun!

Lucky for me these things were shrink-wrapped because our rule is that you must write your thank you notes before you can even think about enjoying a gift. I know it's harsh, but it works.

No questions or complaints from Will. He went and got a piece of paper and wrote his "sank you note" and then asked me to open the puzzle. Once he had the puzzle complete, he asked to open the doodle pro package. These items kept him busy all afternoon. His only concern was keeping Gracie away from the pieces, because even Will knows that Gracie chews.


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