Monday, January 22, 2007

Project 365: Jan 22

Icky milk. In Caroline's mind, all milk is icky, but this milk is ickier! Not that she even tried it.

Having purchased no fewer than 6 gallons of milk in the last week, having ignored weather reports calling for snow yesterday, and having used up all remaining drops in our very last gallon yesterday evening, we were bummin' this morning!

My kids love oatmeal* and one of them just has to have brown sugar and milk in his oatmeal. How can he make rivers through the oatmeal if there is no "water" to run through the the trenches he digs with his Thomas spoon?

Luckily for Will I had purchased this dry milk for an edible peanut butter play-doh recipe.

Morgan had her milk sprinkled on her oatmeal - dry milk sprinkled on oatmeal is something she learned to love on her canoe trip this fall. The group had no way to refrigerate any food items and had to use dry milk.

Caroline passed. No surprise there, since it's a major effort to get her to drink regular, storebought comes-in-a-plastic-jug milk!

Katherine tried the milk in her cereal and decided she didn't like it at all!

Will ate his cereal because he knows no better. Thank goodness for three-year-olds.

I used the rest to cook with and have sent David and Caroline out to get a few gallons at the grocery store! I guess I'll have to make that play-doh after all.

*majority rules here: 3 of 4 kids in our house love oatmeal, therefore I have no issues with claiming they love oatmeal. The one who doesn't, loves cream of wheat!


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