Monday, January 29, 2007

The (W)hole Picture

This is my flute. It used to be my mother's flute. Someday it will probably be my daughter's flute.

It's had a long life of sporadic use. My mother took private lessons and practiced daily. Then she passed it down to me when I was 10, and I managed to play it almost daily for about five years! I played pretty well and was somewhat dedicated, until I got into junior high and other things became more important! Then, faced with the prospect of being in marching band, I gave it up when I went to high school. Still, I dug it out every now and then and would play a bit here and there. Once the babies started coming though, I never had time to get it out anymore.

I had the flute repadded a year or so ago, hoping that I'd have time to teach myself how to play again. I've only recently been able to take it out and re-teach my fingers to move along the keys. I'm hoping it's like riding a bike....


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