Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Project 365: Feb 13

We had another snow day today. This is what the grass outside my front door looked like at 10 in the morning.

In defense of those who decided that we should stay home for the day, I will say that there was sleet coming down periodically very early in the morning. Not that you could tell at 10 when I had to farm my kids out so I could make it to a hard-to-reschedule doctor appointment. Thank goodness for friends with 4 kids - after 3 there really is no difference.

The sleet began again later in the afternoon and came down into the night. This morning our yard was covered in icy snow. The only vehicle to make it up the driveway today was the 4-wheel drive that we've been borrowing from David's dad until David's Saab can be fixed or put down.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. At this point, we're 2 or 3 days into summer vacation and we've stopped counting. It doesn't matter anymore. The girls have missed several key activities and are divided on what they're hoping for tomorrow. The worst part of all this is that Girl Scout cookies are in and we cannot get to them!


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