Thursday, February 08, 2007

Long Beautiful Hair*

Thank goodness for snow days.

Without them I couldn't possibly get anything done. I've been promising for a long time to take the girls for haircuts. Of course, that makes it sound like they wanted to get all their little hairs cut...they didn't, but they all desperately needed a date with scissors.

So, thankfully the snow wasn't so bad that we couldn't get out of our house. I dragged the girls into the HairCuttery yesterday.

Here's the BEFORE picture. That's a lot of hair don't you think? It sure is on school mornings when we're trying to get everyone dressed, fed & out of the house!

So, we entered the HairCuttery, one happy, one resigned, and one still somewhat bitter about the whole idea. Can you guess which one is not like the others?

So they all got their cuts, some losing more hair than others. Katherine shed about 6 inches, while Morgan lost about 3, and Caroline not even a 1/2 inch. I think Caroline's stylist felt sorry for her and didn't cut anywhere near what I'd asked her to cut.

Everybody was happy when we were done, especially when we headed to Starbucks for hot chocolate! Yum!

Here's the AFTER shot. Not a whole lot of difference is there? At least they are all smiling now. *from the musical Hair.


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