Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dinner for 21?

Thirteen kids, one twenty-something, and 7 adults...what a crowd!

All but 3 will be heading to the beach together in the middle of July. Judging by how well the kids got along it should be a raucous time! And based on the game playing that is anticipated there will likely be no sleeping at all until we return home. Picture late night Scrabble games, or Boggle! Maybe even poker.

So dinner - chicken broccoli braid - oh so good; corn casserole, everyone's favorite; an incredible spinach salad; and fruit salad..oh, and chicken nuggets for the picky ones. After dinner, the kids played kickball and sat for a picture. Then they (all but 2) headed to the "clubhouse" for ice - the highlight of the evening for some. Then a movie for some, while the remaining adults played Scrabble.

Sometimes that game just clicks. Sometimes it doesn't. It didn't for me this time, but it did for others, though no one seemed to have an easy time with the word flow. My words included diva, teen, fans, noses, pi, and fire. Not very inspired, I'm afraid.

Of course, then there's the English major who put down kinder and zit. And the premier Wahoo fan who put down Heels, and tried to tell us he was talking about feet. Maybe he was, but who'd believe him?! It was the quiet one who took the game though - slowly and methodically she played never making a fuss or creating a scene, and took the game.

So we finished the game and started looking for the kids. All but two were downstairs watching a movie. Of those, two were asleep on the cushy chairs. The non-movie watchers were oblivious to the time and having a blast upstairs!

No one wanted to leave which is always the best way to end an evening!


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