Friday, May 25, 2007

The Last Game

Getting ready for the game is a team effort, not only in the skill development but in the readying of the field. The kids all love to help their coach bring the cooler to the bench or put out cones. Before each game begins the girls throw to each other to warm up and go over any plays that have been developed. They are reminded each time to always watch the ball and to stay with their opposing player.

There's always a pep talk and a cheer just before the game begins. It's also very important to put on your game face before the game! Grr! In real life he's not really that scary.

Orange Crush has had a great season! The girls have worked hard to learn new skills and hone old ones. They've come together to work as a team rather than standing apart and shining as a few standout players! It's been fun to watch them grow this season and I'm looking forward to watching Orange Crush return next year, as well as the girls who will move on to the middle school teams.

As for the game, I had to leave early so I had to rely on David & Mark for details. When I left just before the end of the 1st quarter, the teams were tied at 2-2. Apparently, the game stayed close and they were tied 7-7 at the end of the 4th quarter. As a result they went into sudden death. Sadly (for us), the other team got the first goal in overtime, winning the game. Our girls were disappointed, after all they'd been undefeated all season. While the coaches hadn't played that up at all, the girls were attuned to that fact and hoping for an undefeated season. They played well and should be proud of themselves.

We'll celebrate the season next week at Cici's, and hopefully get together periodically for some scrimmaging. Soon enough we'll head into summer lacrosse!


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