Friday, May 25, 2007


The cheese steak sub. Tonight's reason to play softball.

Yup. We played again tonight. Being Memorial Day weekend we had a slim showing for the game. As a result I actually played the whole game!!!

On the field I played right field and apparently was so intimidating that all the guys on the other team (except one who never got the memo) hit it to left field. The one guy who did hit it to me got lucky...twice. One ball was short and tipped off my glove, and the other was about 20 feet behind me.

I struck out once. Swinging at the ball was an act of mercy - the poor pitcher kept throwing low & outside and we really thought his self-esteem would suffer so we decided it'd be a good idea to swing the bat a few times. When I didn't sacrifice my stellar record for the well-being of the pitcher's ego, I ended up with base on balls. Those times I was thrown out at 2nd and later, at home. I felt so bad for the catcher when I was running home. The fear of his imminent ridicule was so very present in his eyes, I just couldn't let myself score. I let him tag me out. He felt much better.

I don't fish. Softball may just have become my outlet for telling a fish story. Believe what you want and enjoy the rest. Be sure though that it's all about having fun! And eating cheese steak subs, oh! and onion rings!

Oh, we lost this game big time!!!


Anonymous David said...

We lost, but at least we wore the other team out making them run around the bases!

1:36 AM  

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