Friday, May 18, 2007

Zookeeper Will

After a week of studying different kinds of zoo animals, Will's preschool class constructed their own zoo. The boys (and one lone girl) were told to bring in their own zoo animals today. All week long Will talked about bringing in his "gogs" and wouldn't hear of taking any other animal.

This morning the boy decided to bring his monkey. And then, he said "I'm going to bring my kitty cat because I think it will be funny to have a kitty cat at the zoo." So he did. The class colored zookeeper hats and built cages out of blocks and put their animals in. There was a monkey cage, a kitty cat cage, and a very large bear cage. Every other child in that class brought in a teddy bear!

When he came home the zookeeper took his monkey to the playroom to watch Curious George.


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