Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CiCi's Night

Every third Tuesday of the month, which would be tonight, our school has a fundraiser at CiCi's Pizza. Actually, all that we have to do is show up, buy dinner, and remember to put our receipts in the jar marked "SRE". At the end of the night, CiCi's will donate 10% of the proceeds to our school. Easy as pie. :)

It's a great place to go after practice because they'll never run out of food to feed these hungry girls. Not only that there are free refills on the drinks, and a game room to keep them occupied while the adults actually enjoy conversation. Tara took this picture of the girls longing to play in the game room! Actually they were watching the lone boy play a game. It wouldn't be too much longer before they joined him in the game room. By the time we left he had a pile of prizes & candy to bring home, and the girls had collected one of every tattoo available!

As for adult conversation, we covered the basics...school, testing, PTO, shoes, dinosaurs vs. komodo dragons, and, over dessert, we were treated to a card trick...not just any ordinary card trick mind you. Mark used an index card, but could have used any small piece of paper. So, with index card and scissors in hand, he said, "Would you believe I can cut this to fit over my head?" I bit. He cut. Too much. He started over. This time, he cut it the right way, and lo and behold, that 3x5 index card fit right over his head. Pics to prove it below!


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