Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Full Day

Tuesday morning meant swim practice at 9:30 for one, and 10:15 for the other two. Two hours at the pool is a long time to wait while the girls swim. The pool isn't open for non-swim team swimmers so I have to drag toys and snacks to keep Will occupied. He's usually fine to play with the other kids who are hanging around but sometimes he just wants to be by himself.

Mary and Katherine hang together after their practice and shower. Mary has finished HP#2 and is currently reading HP#3.

The practices are pretty rigorous so the kids are usually ravenous when they get out of the pool. The snacks only go so far! I can't seem to keep enough food in the house during swim season!

After swim practice, we rang Fabio's for a pick-up lunch and then headed home to eat quickly before the swim instructor arrived. Because neither Katherine nor Joe are too comfortable in the pool, they get swim lessons for two weeks.

After just two 45 minutes sessions, Katherine is already swimming freestyle from our stairs to the the diving board an back. She's also getting really good at doing the butterfly. After the lesson, the instructor let all the kids get in the pool and played Marco Polo with them.


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