Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Very, Very, Very Long Day

On this the last day that David would be gone, we left the house in time (we thought) to get to the post office before it closed so we could get letters in the mail to the girls. Alas, our post office closes at the weird hour of 11 am on Saturdays. Once we made it to town and stood in line at the main post office, we decided that we needed pancakes. We'd had an earlier offer but Will hadn't quite woken up at the time so we'd passed on that offer. Still pancakes were on our brain. We headed to IHop and on the way called VJ, who said she'd gladly stop shopping and join us! Will squealed with delight when I told him she was joining us!
Where ever we go these days we take a pile of cars and Bible Buddies, and lots of good books. VJ was good enough to read to Will while we waited patiently for our food.

After pancakes we walked up the shopping center and looked at stuff. We found charms for Will's crocs and some other cool things.

We decided to stay in town and meet David at the airport instead of waiting for him at home, so we headed to the library. We signed all of the kids up for the summer reading programs and read about 10 books together before we headed out to go to the airport. On the way I got a message that the plane was delayed. Super. Will was really at the end of his waiting-for-Daddy-to-get-home rope and we now had another hour. So, we went to DQ.

After ice cream, we went to the airport to wait for Daddy's plane. On the way Will told me that only he and his Daddy could fly in it because only boys can fly. Oh, really?! The little fibber told me that his Daddy told him that! It's a good thing his sisters aren't here!

(Oh, and check out his outfit. He's into dressing himself these days, and I just let him! This outfit matched he said because "it has a flag here and a flag here." And cowboy boots go with everything!)

Finally, David arrived, only an hour later than planned. Oh! This boy was in heaven holding onto and hugging his Daddy tight!

Mesmerized by all things that turn, Will watched the baggage go round and round while he helped look for his Daddy's luggage. After a short while we realized that David's bags had not made it with him to the airport! Oh no! Explain that to the boy! After 26 hours in airports and on airplanes even David had a hard time comprehending the situation. The poor guy was wiped out!

So I dragged both of my weary men to dinner because we had no food in the house and because no one should have to cook on the last Saturday in June in a year that ends in a seven! While we waited too long for a table at the Outback Will played happily with his Thomas clings.

He couldn't get enough of his Daddy and kept snuggling in beside him. Finally Will gave up and just laid himself down on David's lap while we finished eating.

Nothing's better than having Daddy come home.


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