Sunday, September 30, 2007

Field Hockey Sunday #1

Caroline had her first field hockey game yesterday. She's on the green team which is comprised of girls from several middle schools, none of which had enough interest to field their own team.

We started out watching our friend Red#14 play her game. It's her first time playing too. She played well, and never let a ball get past her to the goal! Red won their game against White 1-0.

Next it was time for Green v. Dark Pink. Once I trained David not to shout Caroline's name while she was playing the game went fine! She's such a great listener that when she heard her name she turned around to see what he needed! Too funny.

Once her dad ceased being a distraction, Caroline got her head into the game and stayed on the ball!

At halftime the game was scoreless. The pressure was on. Field hockey is not generally a high scoring sport but someone needs to score in order to win.

Here we are about to get the first goal. Caroline got an assist for the first goal. I'm not sure they knew what to do with themselves after that first ball went in, they were so excited!

Then, just to make sure they would win, the girls put another ball into the goal! The game ended 2-0.

It was fun to watch the girls play a new sport. It was also fun because we saw many of our friends from lacrosse!


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