Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MHS Rocks!

Another start to another race.

This one, a dual meet against Western at a local farm. All of the girls ran together in the same race and I don't know if they scored a Varsity and a JV race, or just the Varsity. Anyway, Varsity won!

The race was 3.1 miles long through rolling fields. It's a beautiful setting for watching a race, and I guess for running if you have the energy to notice your surroundings! Here they are with about a half mile to go.

Here's Morgan at the finish. She almost caught the girl ahead of her in the second picture, but not quite. Those three girls have been trading positions all season, which is pretty typical in cross country.

Check out those shin wraps! She's been suffering from shin splints which aren't too uncommon when you've increased your mileage significantly. We think they make her look like a young racehorse!


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