Monday, November 12, 2007

My Husband, The Marathoner

We didn't sleep well at all. There's always a fear, no matter how many clocks are set, of oversleeping and missing your race. We got up at 4, showered (!), and dressed for the race. It's hard at 4:30 to know what you'll need to be wearing at 7. Here's David as he's about to get on the shuttle to the marathon start. This is where we said goodbye. It was lonely for the next hour plus. Last year we had each other to talk to and to keep each other warm. This year I had to talk to strangers and wrap up in last year's silly looking blanket!

At this point I had finished my race, changed my clothes, watched some runners finish their races, and walked about a 1/2 mile back onto the course to cheer for David.

I can't even express the excitement I felt when I thought I saw him coming. A marathon is huge. It takes a lot of guts to sign up for one, an incredible amount of time to train for one, and everything you have to finish one. So, I thought I saw him (white shirt, blue shorts, running shoes!), but no, this guy was wearing a hat - he'd said he wasn't going to wear his hat. I suggested that he take it anyway -just in case. I guess it was an in case kind of day, because it was him and he looked good! In fact, he looked great! I called to him and asked how he was - "I can't talk," he said! I laughed. I knew exactly how he felt!

Of course, then he kept running, and I couldn't run another step. My knees had given all they could during my race. So I hobbled as fast as I could that 1/2 mile back to the finish, missing his first marathon finish, but catching him soon after!

His goal was to break five hours, or 4:45. He said his uber goal was to beat 4:30.

So, this first-time marathoner crossed the line at 4:32:20! Awesome!

He looks happy doesn't he?! If he'd been able to climb the stairs he'd be shouting from the rooftops!


Blogger Bonnie said...

Hooray for both of you!!

8:53 AM  

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