Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Project 365: Day 115 - April 24

The following are scenes from the BAC trip to the National Gallery in DC.

We took the trip in a "trip bus," which I now understand to be a school bus that can go faster than the average school bus! Despite a slight delay in traffic due to an accident, we arrived in DC before noon!

I loved this - found in the Sculpture Garden.

The only Rembrandt to be found in the western hemisphere. Also known for being the first frontal portrait.

We probably spent just 4 hours at the museum, including time spent eating and shopping. That was just enough time for some of the students, and not nearly enough for others. Caroline is waiting patiently for a chance to go back and spend all day wandering through the exhibits.

The whole group - head count completed, we headed back to school!


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