Saturday, May 31, 2008

NICU Reunion 2008

We went to the NICU reunion today for the first time since 2004. Back then they held it in the hospital cafeteria and it was way too crowded. Today it was held at Scott Stadium. It was still crowded and it was hot, but at least there was room to move around and breeze to help! After registering and putting Will's picture in their scrapbook we checked out the activities they had set up for the kids.The first thing that captured Will's interest was the volcano. Some nurses had set up three volcanoes and would put baking powder in and let the kids pour vinegar on top. That's when the hot lava oozed out! Will loved this. He's been playing Hot Lava in the living room lately. Everything but the throw pillow is hot lava and I regularly have my feet burned off!

Katherine did it too!

There was a magic show.

Will declined to have his picture taken but the nurses were nice enough to let Katherine decorate a frame anyway.

She made a hula skirt from streamers. Will made a flower from his hand print and a straw. it was pretty cute, even though he chose black for the flower.

He eyed the fishing game for a while before getting up his nerve to try it. He caught a hundred fish! (and his nose is growing!)

Will wanted to see "his ambulance" - the one that took him from MJH to UVA, but it had to leave to rescue some other new baby. He was satisfied to see the inside of this medical truck, and we were thrilled to use its shade!

This is just one of the many beautiful cakes that were offered.

Here's our neighbor and one of the NICU angels. She got Will a few times during his first few weeks there but then had him up in the Trans nursery for a few days just before we brought him home. She's the one who convinced us that it was okay to take him home and that he'd be better off at home with us.

Morgan didn't really eat both pieces!

With very little shade and nowhere to sit we found the empty bleachers and ate our cake peacefully. David and Will just chatted away on the top bleacher.

I've never seen this stadium so empty before.

After cake, Katherine did the limbo!

We stayed to watch the dancers but, as things were moving very slowly and we had things to do, we could only manage to stay for their hula dance.


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