Sunday, June 01, 2008

Church Picnic 2008

Today we went to the annual UBC church picnic! We enjoyed hayrides, swimming, a moon bounce, great food, and the ever-popular egg toss!

David and I were out of contention pretty early due to poor positioning, and poor catching! Our egg bounced on the grass, but onto the sidewalk.

Will and Jacob were in it almost to the end! They could barely throw it halfway across the field but managed to keep the egg intact longer than most of the adult pairs!

Katherine and Emily won their age division, coming in 2nd overall. Again, they'll have to learn to throw and catch one of these days, but until then they're lucky that the egg toss field is very forgiving! Katherine wanted to keep her egg until next year, but ended up throwing it away with her dinner plate!! Thank goodness.

Emily's parents won the toss and did not keep their egg!


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