Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cookie Booth News

I've been finding myself getting a little nervous lately. You see, I have 33 cases of Girl Scout cookies in my living room. We need to move them. The official word is that people just aren't buying as many cookies as they have in the past.

What makes me nervous is that if we don't sell these cookies, we'll be stuck with them. Worse than having to pay for them ourselves, either out of almost non-existent troop funds or even personal funds, we might even have to eat them all!

Taking a step in the right direction, we had our first cookie booth today. We set up at one of the the Krogers in town. They were kind enough to let us set up the cart area. We weren't nearly as frozen as we might have been had we been standing outside!

We sold 120 boxes today. If we do as well at our next two booths, we'll be okay.


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