Saturday, February 14, 2009

Culture Quest!

Will's Saturday class is called Culture Quest. The kids looked at "culture in America through the lens of Native-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and each student['s]...personal experiences and traditions."

Above is Will's culture quilt: the orange picture is of him holding the dream catcher that he made the week they studied Native-Americans; The red picture is a skeleton on a skateboard (not really sure about that one!); in the white picture Will is playing soccer, eating a bowl of spaghettios; the blue picture shows something from Kwanzaa.
Will's poster: this shows Will's house, his family, Will playing outside in the snow, windows in his house with the door at the bottom, and Will playing soccer.

Here are some flags. This was part of a larger project involving three children. I'm not clear on what the purpose was here.

Today was the last day for the Saturday classes and the day we got to come and visit Will's class. We were to bring a food from Will's culture. When Morgan, Caroline and I* arrived, the kids (10 boys and 4 girls) were playing Culture Jeopardy! After they finished their game and made introductions, we were treated to a tour of their projects. Each child was also given a chance to tell what food they had brought with them to celebrate their culture.

Having no exotic culture to draw from, we brought ham biscuits!

Will ate his without the ham and without the crust.

*Katherine was at her own class, and David was near Appomattox running a 50K. He ran it last year, and decided that once was not enough, so he headed over there again last night! I have no doubt that he's going to post about it so you can check out his blog in a day or two when he wakes up and can move around a little! This is what he had to say about it last year.


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