Monday, March 02, 2009

Only One Fun

Will came in from the snow play after an hour or two. He was done. I wasn't surprised given that he'd been under the weather for the last week. I welcomed him inside and helped him out of all his layers. When I asked about all the fun he had, he replied, "I only had one fun."

I'm not sure which fun he was talking about, but it sure looked like everything the kids were doing out there was fun!

After the kids exhausted the front yard they moved to the bigger and bumpier hill in the backyard.

Will thought it would be fun to throw a snowball at David.

I think David was a bit surprised when he looked down and saw snow on his shirt.

This is Katherine's snowman Timmy. Not five minutes after I took this picture Timmy was carrotless. Doc, our canine neighbor, came over and ate the veggies right off of Timmy.

**Updated 3/3 to add: Katherine went out today and fixed Timmy - he's back to his old self once more! At least until Doc comes by in the morning!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he is melted now!!!!!!!!!!!poor timmy!

9:33 PM  

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