Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend Pics

Egg Dyeing - lots of family fun dyeing 36 hard boiled eggs!

Egg Hunt #1 - Just for Will since he was going to miss the big church egg hunt.

Game Night
Battleship and Clue!! Col. Mustard did it in the Guest House with Poison!

Easter Morning! Baskets and Picture!

Bubble Blowing Fun! David and the girls went to church and then to David's parents' for dinner so Will and I were home alone for most of the day. We listened to the service and then he watched a movie while I cleaned up the sewing area. Then we just had to get outside - blowing bubbles is always fun. I don't remember ever not knowing how, but clearly it's a learned behavior! Then we made a fun craft that his friend Carter had brought for him. That was lots of fun! Thanks Carter!

Egg Hunts #2 and #3! Will and Caroline and Katherine found 63 eggs out front and then Morgan hid most of them again out back for Katherine and Will - somewhere out there are two more eggs.

The best thing about the weekend is that the pox are gone and the boy is feeling better enough that he's definitely going to school tomorrow!!


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