Saturday, April 18, 2009


Go Orange Sharks!

Such determination!

Such style!!

Such enthusiasm! Will just can't help but keep score. He started out yelling it and holding up fingers every time his team scored! After I told him he wasn't supposed to be keeping score he just held up fingers.

Since only 6 kids made it the week of pictures (also the week of spring break) we had another photo op!

Maroon Girls

I arrived at Katherine's game partway into the first half. I could find K anywhere on the field or sidelines. She was in the goal. She looked pretty calm and confident. Not me. It's one thing to be in the lax goal with all those pads covering you. Totally different business to be in there with only gloves on!

We were all relieved when the half was over.

It was a good game - I think they won. I know they had fun!


Anonymous Katherine said...

we won 5-2

7:30 PM  

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