Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Day at the Lake

We spent the day at Smith Mountain Lake with friends. The kids had a blast playing in the water and flying over the water! Even Will got in and had a great time -by the end of the day he was traveling around the boat in search of ducks! Only Jake rode the tube and three tried to water ski! Six kids on the tube is the current record.

For lunch we had pizza - if you ask the youngest, he'll tell you we had pizza the Chinese restaurant. He's a bit confused! We saved all of the crusts to feed the fish!

We came off the water and headed back to Edwin & Jen's cabin, where the kids made a campfire (Olivia made the fire - just like we taught her at girl scout camp!) and roasted fruit on the fire. Apparently all fruit cooked in foil on the campfire is good - pineapple, grapes, and even strawberries!

David climbed up the side of the cabin to clear out the clogged gutters, sending me into mild panic!* Then we ate a wonderful dinner! We also had s'mores! The best marshmallows were the ones that were totally burnt! Edwin was the S'more King, carefully doling out chocolate on the kids' s'mores and Reese's cups on the adults' s'mores! Awesome!

*No broken necks or legs today. Only two broken wrists!


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