Monday, July 20, 2009

Emerald Isle 2009

We got to the beach house late last night after a very relaxing drive down. Caroline, Katherine, Will and I drove together. Morgan and David followed after a not so quick trip to Best Buy for a new laptop. Our ride was quiet, interrupted only with stops at the rest area and Cracker Barrel. Katherine and Will watched the first two Harry Potter movies, and Caroline read two books.

After unpacking we claimed our rooms and settled in. We made sure to pull the big fish out of the closet and put it in Morgan's room!

This morning the kids waited patiently for us to go to the beach. They finally gave up and headed up themselves. Morgan came back and I headed up. When I got up there Katherine and Caroline were out pretty far jumping waves, and Will was riding his boogie board. David was just sitting in a chair watching them all!

We had a wonderful dinner - of course every dinner is wonderful when you're eating it at the beach! But since Caroline and I had already started a puzzle we made everyone eat outside!

The first beach puzzle of 2009!


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