Thursday, July 02, 2009

Letters Home

Once again we posted our camp mail on the wall!

Interesting tidbits include:

"There's something interesting going around camp this year. I'll tell you about it when you pick me up." ~ Caroline

"Yay Strep!" ~ Morgan

"Julianna is at the nurse. Brit, Sabrina and Nina went home." ~ Katherine

It turns out that Influenza A made its way through camp and a lot of kids ended up being sent home, including our friend Jack. :(

So, it appears that our girls have come through unscathed, but I'll feel better about it once I see them all healthy and happy. They did have fun doing camp things, according to the scant news in their letters. Mostly I know that "camp is fun" and they miss us!

Pick up tomorrow! Yay!


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