Thursday, July 23, 2009

Movie & Fishing

First up gets last doughnut!!!

After yesterday's overdose of sun we all decided to take it easy today. The boys went to see the new Ice Age movie, while the four girls went to see the new HP movie. Will thought Ice Age 2 was pretty funny, and we all loved HP6.

We came home long enough to grab a bite to eat and change clothes before heading back out. David and three of the kids wanted to go to the pier for some fishing. Caroline opted out as expected.

There were creamsicle floats to be had...

...and Facebook to check.

So I played taxi driver.

After about 2 hours I got the call to come back and get Katherine and Will. There was a thunderstorm and they wanted to come home. One the way I drove through the worst of it and by the time I got to the pier the rain had moved on and so had their determination to leave. So I stayed too, knowing that their resolve to catch fish would not last much longer.

Once the storm passed the diehards slowly crept back out to their favorite spots on the pier.

Morgan fished with everyone else until the distractions below made her switch sides.

Katherine baits her hooks like a pro!

Will spent some time dancing in the wind!

An hour and a half, and some ice cream sandwiches later, they still hadn't caught any fish and Will was dangerously close to dropping Uncle Bill's rod over the rail. It was time to go.

We left David and Morgan there for some uninterrupted fishing. As of 11:46 they are still fishing.


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